Customer App for zCart Multi-vendor Marketplace


This app is for zCart Multi-vendor marketplace software. It built on the Flutter framework. This is only a customer app and has no vendor/admin module integrated.

Download the the DEMO apk, try it and give your feeback at



Here is the main zCart multi-vendor script


zCart Mobile App Key Features:

– Beautiful and Modern UI design

– Change the theme to match your branding

– Customer account section

– Fuzzy search algorithm

– Guest Checkout

– Multiple Shopping cart

– Vendor lists

– All categories page

– Contact seller option

– Offer countdown timer

– Automated tax based on shipping zone

– Dynamic shipping options

– Packaging options

– Multiple payment options

– Dynamic product attributes

– Multiple listings for a single product

– Linked item

– Primary Slider

– Banner Slider

– Shop and Brand profile page

– Shop listing page

– Brand listing page

– Verified badge for trusted shops

– Social Media share option

– Coupon

– Wishlist

– Product Review

– Shop Review

– Dispute order option

– Custom message seller on the order page

– Multiple addresses

UpComing Features::

– Social login (Facebook and Google)

– Push notifications

– More payment options

– Newsletter subscription

We’ve services to configure the apps for you and also help to upload to google play store Apple App Store. Please contact support for details.


Version 2.0.3 ( January 13, 2022)
+ Flash deals added
+ Showing wishlist button filled and red if the product is in wishlist. 
+ Showing Product ratings and reviews
+ Showing Vendor ratings and reviews
+ Appeal dispute send attachment image 
+ Order chat send attachment images
+ Vendor chat send attachment images
* Edit Address bugs fixed (Edit address initially select the address type, country, and state regarding the address)
* Category selection color fixed
* Status bar color fixed with theme
* Apple login fixed
= Added a warning dialog when trying to delete an address.
= On pressed banner opens product list with banner title
= Dropdown has hint text now
= Dispute response page fixed
= Disputed appeal page updated
= Product card UI updated (rating added)
= Images optimized (cached images)

Version 2.0.2 ( November 27, 2021)
+ Clear Cache Added [only Android]
= Dialogs are changed to new beautiful ones
= Textfields are now able to identify what type of keyboard it requires 
= Textfields UI improved
= Buttons are more curved Now
= UX improved (Take device theme initially)

Version 2.0.1 ( November 11, 2021)
+ Stripe Payment gateway
+ Paystack Payment gateway
+ Paypal express checkout
+ Recently Viewed Items added in several pages [cart, search, wishlist, and account]
* View Cart goes to wishlist fixed
* Privacy, Terms and About us pages are now scrollable
* Showing all the orders now, not just from the first page!
* Currency bug fixed
= Featured Brand UI Updated

Version 2.0.0 (September 1, 2021)
+ Google Login
+ Facebook Login
+ Dark Light Theme
+ Brands tab added
+ Native Splash Screen
+ Settings page implemented
+ Multilanguage with RTL support
+ Created a new addresses page
+ Go shopping button is added to cart page 
+ Deals under the price API added in the home
+ Featured brand added in the home tab and account tab
+ New Banner is added in between recently added and popular items card
+ Random products to explore is added to the cart page if the cart is empty
+ Random products to explore is added to the Wishlist page if the wishlist is empty
- Addresses took outside from account
- Bottom buttons are removed from the account tab
* Shipping page bugs fixed
= Upgraded to flutter 2.* with null safety
= Account tab updated

Version 1.0.0 (August 1, 2021)
+ Flutter Version Release


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