Multi vendor app for Restaurant, pharmacy, Grocery, I.T etc.


Fully functional multi vendor E-commerce app, vendor, delivery boy and admin ( Clothes, E-commerce,
Food, Pharmacy, Restaurant, Technology, Supermarket,Agroveterinary, etc. ).

The concept of these apps is to own a market in the app (Vendor), Upload your available products for sale as
the vendor, Registered users can purchase the products by cash, card or bank which is decided by the owner of
app (Admin). The products are either delivered by a delivery boy base on the delivery fee or can be picked up by
the registered user. A monthly subscription is made to the app owner by the admin as an agreement between them.

Latest update

  • User app UI adjustment.
  • Ability to enable and disable a category.
  • Ability to select top categories.

App features

  • App contains a User, Vendor, Delivery boy and Admin app.
  • Firebase Authentication.
  • Firestore as database.
  • Multiple payment system(Stripe, Paystack, Flutterwave and Cash on delivery).
  • Multi language support(Spanish, English, Portuguese).
  • Auto-Address From Geo Location.
  • Google map integration.
  • Push notifications(OneSignal).
  • Order tracking.
  • Beautiful and User friendly UI.
  • Simple and clean animations.

Admin features

  • Ability to approve Vendor and Delivery boy ones License is proven.
  • Overall app dashboard.
  • Set app currency.
  • Manage app payment system.
  • App general Settings.
  • Update trending markets (Vendors).
  • Light and dark mode.
  • Payout vendors via bank details.
  • etc.

Vendor features

  • Register under their prefered category.
  • Manage their available products.
  • Vendor’s own dashboard with statistics.
  • Upload and remove products.
  • Light and dark mode.
  • Ability to print receipt after completed order.
  • Add gallery to their personal vendor page.
  • Set distance Orders can reach in Km.
  • Assign order to delivery boy.
  • Google map, Auto-Address and vendor distance to user.
  • Accept or Reject order (Stripe specific).
  • Vendor can create his/her own product categories (Great feature).
  • Request for payout when order is completed and lots more.
  • Form to provide bank details for payout.

User features.

  • App coach when app runs first time (Directs users on how to use the app).

  • Google map, Auto-Address and user distance to vendor.
  • Receive order update.
  • Access the available markets in the app.
  • Add different delivery addresses.
  • Manage favorite.
  • Light and dark mode.
  • etc.

Delivery boy features.

  • Accept or Reject delivery.

  • Google map, Auto-Address and user distance to vendor.
  • Ability to print receipt after completed order.
  • Receive order update.
  • Delivery boy’s own dashboard with statistics.
  • Light and dark mode.
  • etc.

Demo Creditials.

Admin App



User name:

Password: 123456

Vendor App


Delivery boy App


User App


Test Payment system.


Card number: 5078 5078 5078 5078 12. cvv: 081. Exp: 03/22. Pin: 1111

Card number: 5078 5078 5078 5078 04. cvv: 884. Exp: 03/22. Pin: 0000. OTP: 123456


Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242. cvv: Any. Exp:Any.


Card number: 5531 8866 5214 2950. cvv: 564. Exp: 09/32. Pin: 3310.
OTP: 12345

NB: To successfully test vendor and delivery boy without issues. Login with the with right Creditials. Eg. Don’t
use a delivery boy login details in a vendor app. Thanks


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