Jurassic Theft – HTML5 Dinosaur Vector Adventure Platformer Game


Welcome to Jurassic Theft!

Jurassic Theft is a platformer game which you try to steal some delicious eggs from dinosaurs!

Yes, dinosaurs!

There are 10 levels and 4 different dinosaur enemies in the game, which are

  • Velociraptor, patrolling
  • Pterodactyl, flying
  • Mosasaurus, swimming
  • T-rex, running

Each of them have their unique design and animation! The player comes across them one by one first, and then there are more complex and harder level as the game goes on, where several of them are together.

All the art (player, dinosaurs, items, 2 tilesets and backgrounds) is original and designed by me. With the vector art files (included tilesheets!) I gave and the very well organized Construct file which includes notes for everything, you can add / design your levels and customize your game easily.

The game is made with Construct 2, without needing any additional plugins or behaviours.


  • Full game
  • Well organized capx file with decriptions
  • Original art
  • Simple gameplay
  • Full HD (1920×1080) resolution
  • Responsive for different screen sizes
  • Supports touch control
  • Gets harder over time
  • Mouse, touch and keyboard controls
  • Character & enemy animations
  • Level Selection
  • LocalSave for progression
  • Background music and various sounds
  • Includes vector art files

What you’ll get

  • .capx file with notes
  • HTML5 game folder
  • Layered AI vector art files for
    • idle, run, jump, fall, climb animations for player
    • 4 dinosaur animations
    • 2 tilesheets
    • 3 backgrounds
    • game items
    • buttons
    • game title card
  • Font used in the game
  • Documentation
  • Sound files

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