Image resize, compress and watermark for osCommerce


Image Resize, Compress and add Watermark for osCommerce


Increase speed of your site loading using this simple script!
Now you don’t need many copies of the same image!

This small but powerful php script will resize and compress images on your oscommerce store on-the-fly without losing quality and without changing source image.
Even if you have big images for example 5000×5000 it will resize them to sizes as you want.

Now you can store just one big image, and easily generate many different sizes of it, for example:
tep_image(‘veribigimage.jpg’, ’’, 1000)
tep_image(‘veribigimage.jpg’, ’’, 100)
or you can make the same directly with image:

NOTICE: even if php-resizing takes some microtime, your page will anyway loads much more FASTER. (we checked this many times on our demo )


Also this Plugin allows you to turn on Watermark to all images placed on your store and change position of it.
No one could get yor image without watermark! Because it generates by php on server-side. for example

For Example, this image has original size 1000px width, but by adding “&w=200” we changing its size .
Look on this image here.

I also have Product Attribute Filter for osCommerce Image resize, compress and watermark for osCommerce - 1 – try it!

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Thanks so much!


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